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Lauren Graham And Alexis Bledel Global Warming Message
Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel Global Warming Message. credit: Thunderbolts
Rating: 5 Duration 0.33
Alexis Bledel
This video is dedicated to Alexis Bledel, the blue eyed beauty. The song in the background is "She" by Elvis Costello
Rating: 4.97 Duration 3.1
Alexis Bledel - Stop Global Warming
MSN - Stop Global Warming (May 2007)Buy Fuel Efficient Car
Rating: 4.85 Duration 0.41
Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel On Random Rants
Discussing future projects in Spring 2005. Very cute.
Rating: 4.84 Duration 1.39
Alexis Bledel On Kilborn
Alexis Bledel on Kilborn 03/11/2003Sorry it cuts out- the full interview wouldnt upload properly.
Rating: 4.81 Duration 5.11
Lauren Graham And Alexis Bledel
Norwegian TV interview from 2003. One of my favorite shows, just don't tell the guys.
Rating: 4.81 Duration 8.32
Alexis Bledel ---GG--- Fan Video...
You won't understand the tittle til you see it...It's full of Alexis' best CLIPS and photos...Enjoy!
Rating: 4.81 Duration 3.23
Alexis Bledel - She Moves In Her Own Way
A video dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress Alexis Bledel. She is famous because of her role in Gilmore girls as Rory Gilmore.
Rating: 4.77 Duration 2.49
Alexis Bledel On David Letterman
Alexis Bledel on David Letterman
Rating: 4.76 Duration 6.40
Alexis Bledel On Letterman
Alexis Bledel on the David Letterman show 4/19/06. She talks about her new dog, Argentina, her bad driving, and the CW.
Rating: 4.75 Duration 6.57