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Amy Acker: Interview
Amy talk about "Angel's" episode "Soul Purpose"
Rating: 5 Duration 0.54
Drawing: Amy Acker
I filmed myself drawing again. This time it's a portrait of actress Amy Acker.The quality still sucks, but it's the best I could come up with.The final drawing: http://www.devianta...
Rating: 5 Duration 9.9
Illyria The Lie[amy Acker]
song by nikki mckibbin
Rating: 5 Duration 3.51
Amy Acker - Fred
...amy acker as fred..:-D
Rating: 5 Duration 4.29
DVD Bonus: Music Of Alias (Amy Acker)
Creation of musical themes for actions of Amy Acker's character on "Alias" - Kelly Payton
Rating: 5 Duration 2.19
Amy Acker
Amy Acker
Rating: 5 Duration 0.7
Amy Acker
Amy kills security guard from season 5 of alias.
Rating: 5 Duration 0.22
Horowitz - Amy Acker And The Curious Paper Tiger
Horowitz live at Susumi, Derby, 7/8/07
Rating: 5 Duration 3.8
Angel On E! - Set Visit With David Boreanaz And Cast
Kristin Veitch visits the set of "Angel the Series" in its 5th season and interviews the cast (David Boreanaz, Amy Acker, James Marsters, J August Richards)
Rating: 5 Duration 8.56
'Drive' - Behind The Scenes
http://riley-smith.netDRIVE is an action-fueled drama following a diverse group of Americans driving for their lives (or the lives of their loved ones) in a sinister, cross-country...
Rating: 5 Duration 2.0