Andrew Shue

Many will recognize Shue as the character 'Billy' on the smash hit 90s TV series "Melrose Place", and also for being the brother of actress Elizabeth Shue. However, few might know that in addition to being an actor, he also happens to be a bona fide soccer player. In fact, upon graduating from the University of Dartmouth, where he majored in History, he traveled to Zimbabwe as an All-American Soccer player and played for the Zimbabwe national champions, the Bulawayo Highlanders, while simultaneously teaching high school math! His career on "Melrose Place" started in 1992, and he frequently starred alongside Courtney Thorne-Smith, whom he later dated.
In 1996, he resumed Soccer, this time playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy team in 1996. Outside of these activities, he is currently on the Board of Directors for "Do Something" (which he co-founded) and also co-founded the website of
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