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Ben Affleck proves he is no pool shark in the film Smokin' Aces. Keywords:Jeremy Piven, Martin Henderson, Peter Berg, Joe Carnahan
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Ben Affleck Click!!
ben affleck comercial de Axe 2005
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Boiler Room - Group Interview
Ben Aflleck in one of his best shotshttp://www.telemarketing-system.blogspot.com
Rating: 4.71 Duration 4.13
Little Ben Affleck In Voyage Of The Mimi
Here's a little clip from the 1984 educational PBS TV series Voyage of the Mimi. This show consisted of two halves, episodes and expeditions. The episodes were like an educationa...
Rating: 4.7 Duration 1.52
Ben Affleck Clicker Spot - One Click For One Flirt
American "celebrities" are sometimes more famous on foreign soil for their commercials than for their movies ! Next week in France, we will have the "pleasure" to see Ben Affleck p...
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Ben Affleck Mango
This video is very funny & enjoyable to watch ,
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Shelleys Ben Affleck Tribute
This is my tribute to my fav actor ben affleck
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Ben Affleck-The Sexiest Man Alive
That is the sexiest man alive! Enjoy!
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Lynx Click Ben Affleck
Lynx ad featuring movie star Ben Affleck
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Ben Affleck On The View
hollywoodland interview
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