Bijou Phillips

The daughter of John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas and his then-wife, South African model Geneviève Waïte, Bijou Phillips began modeling at the age of thirteen. She was emancipated from her parents the following year and lived on her own in New York city. That same year, she checked into the Sierra Tucson rehab center in Arizona—not because she was addicted to drugs, she claims, but to get out of trouble for running up a large credit card bill in her father's name.
She would made modeling history by becoming the youngest model to ever appear on the cover of Vogue. She's also appeared on the covers of Stuff, Interview, Playboy, People, Detour, Nylon, Paper, 944, and Missbehave magazines, and has been on the catwalk of Jill Stuart and Heatherette. Despite all this, Phillips can hardly be said to have enjoyed her profession, as the title of her 1999 debut album "I'd rather Eat Glass",refferring to her sentiment about the profession- can attest. She then ventured into film appearing in such movies as: "Bully", "Havoc", "Hostel: Part II" (for which she was nominated for a scream queen in the 2007 Scream Awards), and "Tart".
Phillips is also notable for having been involved in a long-term relationship with rocker Sean Lennon, son of legendary singer-songwriter John Lennon of The Beatles. The four-year relationship ended when Lennon found out of an affair Philips had with Max LeRoy, his childhood best friend. Tragedy further struck when LeRoy died in a motorcycle accident. This loss and the love triangle between Philips, Lennon and LeRoy was the inspiration for much of Lennon's 2006 album, "Friendly Fire". Her name "Bijou", is French for "jewel".
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