Chris Evans

Chris Evans has been rising up the star-ladder pretty fast of late. The young actor first started out with minor roles in the TV series "The Fugitive", "Boston Public", and "Opposite Sex", before starring in his first movie: the ridiculous spoof "Not Another Teen Movie". He then got lead roles in the comedy "The Perfect Score" and most notably (arguably his first true break)in the thriller "Cellular".
The latter movie especially, certified Evans as an engaging talent to watch, and so did his coke-head performance in the indie film "London". His big break however, obviously came with the role of Johhny Storm in the super-hero blockbuster hit "Fantastic 4"; a role which Evans would reprise for the similarly, if not more succesful, hit and better sequel. Evans's recent roles include a turn in the much-acclaimed Danny Boyle feature "Sunshine". He was named 'Male Superstar of Tomorrow' at the 2005 Young Hollywood Awards and continues to impress as his list of upcoming movies suggests, not to mention, his name is fast becoming a regular in magazine publications. Empire magazine spoke fondly of his talent in their "Sunshine" review stating "Evans is on his way to astronomical action fame. Possessed of a brusque charisma and an overdose of testosterone, he’s the kind of man that will make women go weak at the knicker elastic and men tragically pretend to be him when they think nobody’s looking." Evans was known to have dated actress and "London" co-star Jessica Biel, but they broke up in 2006 after five years of dating. Up next for the actor is "The Night Watchman" co-starring alongside Keanu Reeves, and "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond", alongside Bryce Dallas Howard, Ellen Burstyn and David Strathairn.
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