Dave Grohl

His name is etched in the music books for two reasons. First, Growl served as the drummer for legendary rock/grunge three-man band, Nirvana. And Second, he has probably achieved even more fame and outdone his previous reputation by being the front-man/singer for the Foo Fighters. Prior to both however, he worked as the drummer for several locale bands in Washington D.
C., most notably, 'Scream'. It was following this band's dismemberment and through the help of The Melvins' Buzz Osborne that Nirvana took flight. Initially, Grohl's status was limited in the band given that his role was that of a drummer stepping in for songs already recorded, though his contribution altered them greatly. However, his status was amplified greatly over the years, so much so, that he contributed occasionally in the song-writing department. Following Kurt Kobain's death, Grohl initially wandered for a bit doing demos and appearing in other bands' gigs, most notably Pearl Jam. It wasn't long however, before he set up his own band based on the demos he'd been recording, and thus, the Foo Fighters were born, and they have continued to achieve great fame and success with such albums as: "The Color and Shape", "one by One", "There is nothing Left to Lose", "In Your Honor" and "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace". Grohl is known to spend most of his time, either touring or with his second wife (MTV producer Jordyn Blum )and kid.
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