Ice T

Though he is recently better known for his talents as an actor, Tracy Marrow a.k.a Ice T will perhaps always be remembered as a West Coast Gangsta Rapper, and one of the most influential in Rap history at that. His powerful and at times controversial political commentaries in his music on such topics as corruption, racism, police brutality, domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, prison conditions, war and censorship, more than struck a chord with both the general public and people living in the ghetto.
But he's gone further than that; he was one of the very few rappers to condemn homophobia on tracks like "Straight Up Nigga" and "The Tower". He also condemned anti-white racism, amongst blacks on "Momma's Gotta Die Tonight", and he condemned the anti-immigrant racism of the 1992 L.A. riots on "Race War". His views are no doubt influenced by his real-life experiences on the streets. He was in turns, a hustler, soldier, jewel-thief and pimp. A car crash in 1985 however, proved to be a major turning point for the rapper forcing him to reassess his life and focus on his goals. His best album is often considered to be 1991's "OG: Original Gangster". In addition to being a rapper however, he is also a lesser known heavy metal artist and part of the heavy metal band "Body Shots". As an actor, his highest profile role to date has been that of 'Detective Fin Tutuola' on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, since 2000.
In his personal life, he was previously in a relationship with Darlene Ortiz from 1986-2002, who was featured on the covers of his early albums. During that relationship they had one child together, Tracy Marrow, Jr. In 2004, he married swimsuit model Nicole Austin, known professionally as "CoCo". (Interesting note: Ice T is considered to be the first emcee to have ever performed the Crip Walk (or C-Walk) up on stage, in front of cameras sometime in the '80s).
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