Lily Allen

The English singer-songwriter exploded to stardom in 2006 with her hit singles "Smile" and "LDN" and her debut album 'Alright, Still'. "Smile" reached number one on the UK singles charts and the album was voted the third best album of the year by Mixmag, and in 2007 it was nominated for the award of 'Best British Album' at the Brit Awards and for 'Best New Artist' at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Her success owes a lot to her popularity on MySpace, where she regualrly releases experimental demos and mix-tapes.
In addition to her career success, Allen is known for her somehwat controversial public persona, particualrly in having made disparaging comments towards other celebrities including Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse, Cheryl Cole and George W. Bush.
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