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Marilu Henner - Life Insurance Awareness Month 2005
Watch highlights of Marilu Henner (actress, author, and mother) promote Life Insurance Awareness Month by tv, radio, and public appearance.
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Lovely Ladies Of Marilu!
Here you go all you lovely ladies of Marilu!A great workout for you to do right in your very own living room in uner 4 minutes!You will love it! If you even begin to come up with a...
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Core For The Ladies Of Marilu! :)
Hi Ladies..Barry Lovelace here again for YOU :) You ask and you got it! Here are a few Core & Balance exercises to add to your daily routines.All you need is YOU, the floor and a s...
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Rating: 5 Duration 0.20
The cast of Chicago both old and new gave 'em the ole razzle dazzle at New York's Ambassador Theater to celebrate their 10th anniversary on the Broadway stage. Stars from the origi...
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Taxi - Lullaby Of Broadway
Elaine's famous fantasy from "Fantasy Borough."
Rating: 5 Duration 5.16
Charlie Rose: September 9, 1994
First, a discussion about the 1994 U.S. Open tennis finals with CBS Sport's Tony Trabert, winner of ten Grand Slam titles, tennis player-turned-commentator Tracy Austin, tennis pla...
Rating: 5 Duration 58.47
Noises Off / 9 To 5 By Dolly Parton Fanvid
fanvid created by Psyence [me]music - 9 to 5 by dolly parton.contains clips from noises off.if you are unsure as to what a fanvid is, here is an explanation:A songvid or fanvid is ...
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Cardio Workout For Ladies Of Marilu.com And You Tubers :)
Here you go ladies! (and You Tube World!)Barry Lovelace from www.exercise4everybody.com with another great workout for you to do right in your living room, hotel room or you baasem...
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Go Vegan!
Check out my ebook 'The Omni's Guide to Vegetarianism' at www.whyilikeveggies.comStarting with me exercising, then leading into a talk this video explains why I went vegan, goes ov...
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