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Martin Sheen stars as Oliver Queenan, the chief of the Boston police undercover unit in The Departed who hires Leonardo DiCaprio's character to infiltrate the Irish mob led by Jack...
Rating: 5 Duration 1.49
Yellowcard - Martin Sheen Or JFK Live
Live at Luna Park 08/23/2006
Rating: 5 Duration 4.10
Martin Sheen Sighting
Short clip of Martin Sheen with Bradley Whitford from April 4, 2007
Rating: 5 Duration 0.18
Martin Sheen PSA For Commercial Seal Hunt
Another gut wrenching video as men kill these beautiful seals. Please be warned of the graphic nature.
Rating: 5 Duration 1.3
Martin Sheen Burns A Hypo-christian
sweet scene from that tv show
Rating: 4.9 Duration 2.10
Talk To Me - Don Cheadle Chiwetel Ejiofor Martin Sheen
The powerful real-life story of Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene (portrayed by Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle), an outspoken ex-con who talked his way into becoming an iconic radio pe...
Rating: 4.78 Duration 2.29
Yellowcard - Martin Sheen Or JFK Live São Paulo
Live at São Paulo Mix Festival 2006, 10/22/2006
Rating: 4.75 Duration 4.14
Amazon Watch - Narrated By Martin Sheen
The story of environmental organization Amazon Watch as told by actor Martin Sheen
Rating: 4.6 Duration 6.28
Edie Sedgwick 'Martin Sheen'
video by h.h.owen
Rating: 4.5 Duration 2.42
Shepherds Of The Seals, Narrated By Martin Sheen
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society continues its fight to save the harp seals of Canada from the government-sanctioned, annual, commercial slaughter.
Rating: 4.5 Duration 1.0