Music virtuoso Moby first started recording music in the early 80s as part of the hardcore punk band: the Vatcian Commandos. Moby's first success however, and one that would garner him both commercial and critical acclaim didn't come until 1991's track "Go", in his frist album "The Story So far". He released his second album "Everything is wrong" in 1995 which was a critical success, and followed this with the 96 remix album "Everything Is Wrong - Mixed and Remixed"; both minor hits in their own rights.
Moby then took an unexpected turn, switching genres and releasing the hard-rock/electronic album "Animal Rights". "I Like To Score" which featured up-dated versions of songs used in movies also became a minor hit, though these last two albums have often been labelled as commercially unsuccesful. And if this is so, then his major break-through album would be 1999's "Play" which became an immense instant hit. During which time in the early years of the millnium, Moby also produced several tracks for other singers and musicians including Britney Spears and Sophie Ellis-Baxter, as well as briefly having a television show on MTV in 2002: "Seńor Moby's House of Music" which featured underground electronic music. Since "Play", he has released two successful albums: "18" in 2002, and "Hotel" in 2005, in addition to a compilation album "Go: The Very Best of Moby" in 2006. Among Moby's most famous songs are: "Lift Me Up", "Slipping Away", "We are all made of Stars", "Natural Blues","Feeling so real", "James Bond", "BodyRock", and "Extreme Ways". When not composing music, Moby is world-renonwned for his activism, as he has campaigned for animal rights, enviromental cleansing, charity, network neutrality, and is staunchly Anti-Bush.
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