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BB7 Neil Patrick Harris Pays A Visit
Neil Patrick Harris Pays A Visit
Rating: 5 Duration 4.27
Neal Patrick Harris On Ellen
Ellen talks to Neal about Emmys and he does a magic trick with Ellen.
Rating: 5 Duration 9.24
Christmas In August
with neil patrick harris
Rating: 5 Duration 4.30
Not While I'm Around - Neil Patrick Harris, Patti LuPone
San Francisco concert cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Patti LuPone
Rating: 4.96 Duration 3.46
Neil Patrick Harris On Regis And Kelly
Rating: 4.94 Duration 0.41
Neil Patrick Harris On The Late Late Show
Neil Patrick Harris on 8-15-07.
Rating: 4.91 Duration 7.59
Confrontation - How I Met Your Mother
Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel of "How I Met Your Mother" Sing "Confrontation" from Les Mis on the Megan Mullally Show
Rating: 4.89 Duration 1.46
Harold Kumar Neil Patrick Harris Ecstasy
NPH wasted on Es. Immense.
Rating: 4.83 Duration 1.31
Lisa Chats With Neil Patrick Harris At 2007 Emmys
Lisa and Joey are chatting with the stars at the 2007 Emmy Awards. Check out this interview with Neil Patrick Harris of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and find out what he had to say about ...
Rating: 4.8 Duration 1.18
Neil Patrick Harris- HIMYM Interview
The interview of Neil Patrick Harris who plays Barney in How I Met Your Mother
Rating: 4.71 Duration 2.17