Paula Zahn

A well-renowned and respected journalist, Zahn has had a long and distinguished career on Television news screens having worked for a variety of broadcasters and shows including: ABC, where she hosted "The Health Show", co-anchored "World News This Morning" and certain segments of "Good Morning America"; CBS, where she co-anchored "This Morning" and anchored the Saturday edition of "CBS Evening News" as well as contributed reports to "48 Hours", "Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel", and "CBS News Sunday Morning", in addition to helping cover the 1992 and 1994 Winter Olympics; Fox News Channel where she anchored "FOX Report" and launched her own prime time news program "The Edge with Paula Zahn" (though she was eventually fired from this job when FOX discovered she was in possible negotiations to move to CNN with FOX additionally waging an on-and-ff screen campaign against Zahn); and ultamately CNN (her first day of work was on September 11, 2001, and she co-anchored coverage of the events of that day) where she launched her CNN morning news program titled "American Morning with Paula Zahn", a prime-time two hour show "Live from the Headlines" which offered continuing coverage of the Iraq war and other events, and finally "Paula Zahn NOW". Read More

Occupations:TV host, Journalist
Birth Day: Feb-24-1956
Height: 175cm
Celebrity Factor: 1.7
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