Rob Lowe

While initially recognizable as an 80s icon, and former member of the Brat pack having starred in such films as "St. Elmo's fire", "The Outsiders" and "About Last Night"; and also having once made headlines as one of the first celebrities to fall victims to sex-tape scandals, not to mention entering rehab for alcohol and sex addiction, Lowe has since moved past all that and become a quite formidable and respectable actor, especially following his role as Sam Seaborn in the highly-acclaimed TV drama "The West Wing".
In addition to that, he has found good fortune in the TV miniseries genre with features such as "'Salem's Lot" and "Beach Girls". He also starred in the 1994 miniseries version of "The Stand". Lowe recently joined the cat of "Brothers and Sisters" and while initially this role was limited to being a guest-starring role, Lowe has since become a regular member of the cast having helped catapult and expand the show's ratings.
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