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Will Ferrell Sacha Baron Cohen Win For Best Kiss
Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen win the award for best kiss at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.
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Sacha Baron Cohen AKA Borat Sings At Bush Family Reunion
Sacha Baron Cohen Sings "Problem in my Country" at a Bush Family reunioun in Arizona, Watch as the crowd slowly gets into it, singing versus of "Throw the Jew down the Well, So my ...
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Sacha Baron Cohen Interview
Ali G. interviewed by the gap-toothed one (don't want his name in the keywords; it'll get "took down").
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Borat Interview On (American) CNN
Why the f@ack some of this jounalist acting like bitches?!
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Sacha Baron Cohen As Jean Gerrard
sacha baron cohen as jean gerrard in a hilarious clipping from talladega nights
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Bruno Interviewing Skinheads
Bruno interviewing skinheads.
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Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) Among Year's 10 Most Interesting
Borat was listed in ABC's "10 most interesting people of 2006"
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Madonna At British Comedy Awards Sacha Baron Cohen BORAT
From boyculture.typepad.com.
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I Like To Move It (Sacha Baron Cohen)
Music video made by myself. the song in madagascar
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Female Keyboard Player Plays For Sacha Baron Cohen Aka Borat
She is featured on the Borat's (Sacha Baron Cohen's) "You be my wife" song (_ttp://hype.non-standard.net/track/185396). Belinda Bedekovic is from Zagreb, Croatia and has been playi...
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