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Coupling UK - Nightlines 5
Part 5/5
Rating: 4.97 Duration 6.2
Coupling UK - Unconditional Sex 5 (sitcom)
Part 5/5
Rating: 4.95 Duration 6.48
UK Coupling 'spiderman'
This soooo sweet and high-larious! lol
Rating: 4.93 Duration 3.51
Coupling UK - Nightlines 1
Part 1/5"Steve has a recurring dream - that he's being executed by a fetus. Susan feels insulted by this, and phones people looking for reassurance."
Rating: 4.92 Duration 5.54
Coupling UK
Scene from "The End of the Line"Steve, Jeff and Patrick discuss pants and relationships.I love it when Steve screams "where're you goin', where're you goin'" :p
Rating: 4.91 Duration 5.25
Coupling UK - Unconditional Sex 1 (sitcom)
Complete episode- Part 1/5"Jeff goes out on a date with Wilma, a co-worker, while Julia is away for the night. On their date, Wilma makes Jeff an invitation that's hard to turn dow...
Rating: 4.9 Duration 5.29
Smack The Pony - Dating Agency Videos - 1
A sketch from the much underrated britcom Smack the Pony.This is one of the fabled "Dating Agency" sketches.
Rating: 4.88 Duration 1.12
Comedy - Armstrong And Miller Show - Babysitter
This is a clip from the UK comedy series called Armstrong and Miller.A sketch series featuring the very funny double act Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller. Among the many notable ...
Rating: 4.8 Duration 1.17
Sherale - Klezmer Piece From "Ya Salam" By Sara Alexander
How, being shared by musicians originating from all kinds of origins and cultures, a traditionnal Eastern Jewish song becomes universal. Joy without frontier !---------Un morceau K...
Rating: 4.78 Duration 20.15
Coupling Behind Scenes
Photo session
Rating: 4.78 Duration 3.57