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Naomi Watts Scott Coffey Ellie Parker Interview
Naomi Watts Scott Coffey Ellie Parker Interview from BBC World
Rating: 5 Duration 2.33
Ellie Parker Director's Cut Trailer For Shot Film
This is the trailer that the great editor cut for our movie the FIRST time it was at Sundance before it was an entire feature.
Rating: 5 Duration 3.25
PAROC Theme Tune
Protest against forced adoption SwanleyThis is the current list of MPs and MSPs (Scottish) who were previously social workers or worked for Social Services. (This list is not compl...
Rating: 5 Duration 2.38
Ellie Parker Sundance Q&A
Scott Coffey Naomi Watts Rebecca Rigg Ellie Parker Sundance Q&A
Rating: 4.67 Duration 2.30
The Scott And Gary Show - Butthole Surfers Interview (1984)
One of my favorite bands, the Butthole Surfers, have a clusterfuck of an interview with the host of a New York Public Access show after dropping acid.
Rating: 4.67 Duration 8.9
Never Date An Actress
A short film with Naomi Watts and Scott Coffey."A caring guy learns that dating his actress girlfriend is definitely NOT the wisest decision." http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0454512/
Rating: 4.6 Duration 6.47
Naomi Watts - Elie Music Video
MATURE SUBJECT MATTER.Song is "Hit The Ground Running" by The Doves.
Rating: 4.41 Duration 3.22
Caleb Coffey 102306 Sonic Forum Open Mic Portland Oregon
This is a video of Caleb Coffey jamming out on electric guitar with Kip and Scott P. at the Sonic Forum Monday nights 8pm-1am Goodfoot Lounge 2845 SE Stark, Portland, Oregon
Rating: 4 Duration 5.42
Haunted House
A few friends and I went to an abandoned house with our video camera. This is just a short trailer I made one time while I was bored using some of the footage.
Rating: 3 Duration 2.5
Caleb Coffey 112006 Sonic Forum Goodfoot Lounge
Caleb rocks the electric guitar with Scott P. on bass and Kip on drums and the Sonic Forum Open Mic Mondays Goodfoot Lounge 2845 SE Stark Portland, OR
Rating: 0 Duration 5.52