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Luciano Pavarotti & Sting - Panis Angelicus (Live 1992)
27. September 1992Pavarotti & FriendsLive AT The Parco Novi Sad In Modena (Italy)
Rating: 4.95 Duration 4.45
Sting - Fragile
Rating: 4.93 Duration 4.20
Sting - Shape Of My Heart
Well the name of the movie is Leon or The professional it depends where you from y Mexico the name was El profesional .. you can see more in http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110413/
Rating: 4.91 Duration 3.59
Sting - Until
Video musical de Sting para la pelicula Kate y Leopold
Rating: 4.89 Duration 3.10
Sting Feat. Cheb Mami - Desert Rose (Original)
Da shit
Rating: 4.88 Duration 4.50
Sting Englishman In New York
Sting's Music Video
Rating: 4.88 Duration 4.34
The Police - Every Breath You Take
The Police - Every Breath You Take
Rating: 4.88 Duration 3.49
Sting - Russians
Remember when the Russians and the USA could have blown each other to kingdom come? This song is a reflection of that time. Great one in Sting's early solo career.
Rating: 4.87 Duration 3.54
Sting - When We Dance
softy dream
Rating: 4.85 Duration 4.59
Fragile - Sting
Sting and Dominic Miller
Rating: 4.83 Duration 2.54