William Mapother

The first-cousin of mega-star Tom Cruise, Mapother has gone on to carve quite an impressive acting niche for himself. The former teacher-turned-actor was initially relegated to starring as minor characters in his cousin's action films ("Mission Impossible 2", "Minority Report"), but has since become widely known as a character actor who sometimes plays scary or otherwise dark characters.
Despite playing a pivotal role in Todd Field's "In The Bedroom", he is perhaps more widely known as Ethan Rom in the hit TV show "Lost". The character was killed off early in the first season, but since then has appeared in five episodes through flashbacks. This brings the total amount of episodes he appeared in up to nine. In addition to those, he had a minor role in "Swordfish" opposite John Travolta, and has starred in a number of independent features including: The Lather Effect, Moola and the upcoming Hurt, in which he stars alongside Melora Walters as the 'reclusive' brother-in-law of Walters' character. Mapother had once completed a Church of Scientology course in 1989, but unlike Cruise he never followed up on that course. In September 2007, he was elected to a three-year term on the National Board of Directors for the Screen Actors Guild.
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